Slab intersections

I thought slabs do not intersect - or do they?
Is this expected behaviour?

test vaSlab intersections.7z (61.4 KB)

(It would be an interesting feature if slabs could combine or punch each other, but the vaSubtract/AddSolids command don’t work with VA objects.)

Hi @Eugen,

You can use the AddSolids command to create the slab you are aiming, but the two smaller slabs you have in your file should be solids. So, as it is already possible this way, we are planning to add an option to automatically join slabs which are properly aligned.

Thanks, Alfonso! There’s a misunderstanding: I don’t want these slabs to intersect (I know I could use add/subtract with breps).
But there seems to be an interference between the slabs where there shouldn’t. Where do these edges come from?

Hi @Eugen,

I see, it looks like it is drawing the intersection in curved surfaces. I’ll report it.

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Hi @Eugen , we have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.12.4) which fixes this error you reported.

You can check here the news of the new version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12.4 released

You can download this new version here.


Great, thanks!
Since slabs did not intersect in older versions - are introducing some wall/slab intersection code already?

Hi @Eugen,

Not yet, we still have this issue in our list.