Skills to build a model and put it into a professional structural software (including loads, sections and boundary conditions))

Hi All,

I am using Grasshopper to build parametric modelling of the Truss. My aim is to build a model rapidly and convert it to a professional software for structural analysis (whatever).

I tried the Karamba3D Plug-in, but I don know how to keep the load, sections to convert this model to another software. Also, Its result is not an accurate analysis for structure engineers.

Now I am curious about how can I apply the loads, sections and boundary conditions on the model, then convert the whole model to another kind structural software (like Midas, SAP2000 and so on).

Does anyone have some ideas? I appreciate any help!

You can generate the geometry in grasshopper and then export it in different layers

Use these layers to define material properties and boundary conditions in your FEA software of choice

As far as I know, you can’t export boundary conditions directly, unless you have a specific GH plugin for that software (for example, tekla)

Thank you so much!

I was asked to do modelling above but really have no idea.

What about the load? Can it be exported to some software?

Thanks for your help, mate. :+1:

You might want to look at Geometry Gym
This software takes a karamba model and converts it to something useable for your FEA.


That seems great! I’ll check it. Thank you :+1:

One other posibilty would be to use SOFiSTiK plugin for Grassgopper, here is a example

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Really appreciate that! I will try it