(HELP) Form analysis by grasshopper

Hi, everyone,
I tried to do a structure analysis of my model.

What kind of grasshopper plug-in should I use to do structural/form analysis? There are a weight of hexagonal concrete (thickness : 0.7m) and lunar gravity (1.62m/s²) and internal pressure of dome14.7 PSI?

File of Rhino : rhino file.3dm (11.7 MB)

Thanks in advance.

I doubt you gonna find an implementation in GH not connecting to an external paid software. I know there are plugins for the plugin Kangaroo2, a master thesis for structural analysis but never used it.

You might want to look at Scan-and-Solve: http://www.scan-and-solve.com/

That is paid, right? I remember being on their mailing list for a while, they offer some basic coarse-meshed solutions for free. It’s not worth it.

Yes, it is commercial software, though there is a 7 day full featured trial.
I thought of it here because not needing to mesh or otherwise discretize the geometry simplifies setup quite a bit.