Modelling slabs, corewalls in grasshopper

Hi all,

I am trying to create a structural model of a building consisting of various elements like beams, columns, slabs and core walls. while i understand that line elements are the best way to model the beams and columns, what type of geometry should i use to model slabs and corewall? is surface the right choice? Later these would be bound to grasshopper tools which export the model to a structural analysis software.
The model could be created manually in rhino or generated parametrically using grasshopper.


This is not a Grasshopper question.

You have to know what FEA analysis software will be used and establish a workflow for the Rhino geometry you plan to import into that package. In most cases this will generally be DWG or DXF file formats so NURBS geometry will end up converted to meshes.

For 2D FEA elements you’ll need to determine if you want to explicitly control mesh resolution in Rhino or let the FEA software control the subdivision.

Thanks old_Taz,

i believe grasshopper does have bearing for choosing the right element because the tools i use to link the model to the SA software are GH based.
Could you please throw some light on the options i have, if i want the FEA software to control the sub-division?