Sketchup to Rhino - dealing with all Sketchup geometry on layer0

Hi - would appreciate any help or tips on best ways to bring a detailed Sketchup model into Rhino, particularly when all geometry in Sketchup is on Layer0, while the Sketchup geometry components and groups are assigned to layers that can be turned on or off (similar to a Rhino block definition located on one layer while its geometry may be on others). When a model like this is opened in Rhino, the layers are preserved but all geometry is on the new Rhino layer0 and the components and groups have lost their attribution to other layers, so turning on or off the additional layers does nothing. The result is all the Sketchup layers listed in Rhino but no data on them, just a big pile of geometry on layer0 that can only be selected by individual clicking and exploding (painful!!). Is there a way to get Sketchup components and groups to retain their layer attributions the way a Rhino block definition does? Or some kind of pre-prep in Sketchup that might solve this? Thanks for your help!

it is adressed in rhino wip

Thanks - that’s awesome - what is changed in the WIP?

Rhino 7:


Rhino 8:

I think the Groups option is what Ivan referred to.

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