Rhino > Sketchup 2018

Hi @pascal et al,

Do we have any news about getting geometry from Rhino (v6 or otherwise) to Sketchup? Best I can do from the date of this writing 03/03/18 is:

DXF 2004 Solids: This is good going into SKP, b/c a 6-sided solid cube comes in as a group with connected faces. Apparently though, my SKP expert friend says he cannot make this geometry into Components within SKP, which is troublesome.

Export/SaveAs .skp file: Works great for Blocks, as they keep layers and are nested within components, etc in SKP. But a 6-sided Solid cube comes in as separate faces. Not good.

That’s the same as what I could find in a thread from 2015.

So, any news on this front?