Sketchup textures ok in V6 / 7 but not in V8 / 9

Here is a very simple sketchup model I downloaded of a Nissan Serena. The model is nothing, and relies on its texture maps to approximate the vehicle. These are not good either, but at least at a distance across a city block it would do…

Here’s a screengrab as imported into V7 (its the same in V6) , and the same model as imported into in V8 (same result in V9)

I enclose the model which displays multiple errors in V8 / 9 but is as good as it will ever be in V6 / 7).

uploads_files_822394_serena+for+export(1).skp (1.3 MB)


Hi @rabbit,

I’ve logged an issue so a developer can look into this.


– Dale

In V8, if you don’t join faces you’ll get what the right look. This is NOT a fix, I’m digging into that, but it will give you something to work with in the meantime. It has something to do with changes that must have happened in our code that appends meshes onto another mesh.


I was confused. It was not the code that joins the meshes together but rather the code that splits up the joined mesh into disjoint pieces. I’m really unconvinced that doing that is even necessary so, for the time being, I’m not going to call that. Fix coming soon.