ProjectObjects v5 vs v6

@pascal Your projectobjects script appears broken in v6. I turned off redraw and I see the control cage projects to the surface, but the resulting transform is not a good projection, Im doing this in the left view using the left cplane. Could you fix the script to work in v6? (159.9 KB)

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This was fixed. Find the updated download here. Pascal Golay's Scripted Utilities for Rhino [McNeel Wiki]

Hi all - I’ll post the latest plug-in that I have later today when I am on a different machine and can get at it - I think the latest one works reasonably well.

ProjectObjects.rhp (20.5 KB)
@benjamin.moulton - see how this one works for you.


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Looking for update for Rhino v7. Version 6 still works fine.

Thanks Pascal. Outstanding tool. I use it primarily for building proxy surfaces for generating textures over polysurfaces in Grasshopper. Really appreciate your work and plug-in collections.

Hello Pascal. This works great! Thank you. Runs faster than I remember in version 6.

Just curious, is there a reason that samples is caped at 40?

@pascal Do you mind sharing the .rvb?

Hello - the orignal, years old, rvb is relatively junky - the plug-in is based on python code - is that what you really need?


@pascal Python is fine, yes I am just asking for the source regardless of the language.

Hello- Here’s what I think is the latest - (11.5 KB)


Awesome, thank you!