Best way to draw curves in Rhino?

Hi, just started to learn Rhino and begun doing the user 1 manual. Am a little lost at Chapter 6 Point Editing and particularly, Exercise 54 - Drawing a wine glass use curve and control points.

  • What is the best way to draw using curves, especially at points where you need to make a drastic turn (i.e. the tip of the glass in order to create the thickness)? Or how do I make the curve lay flat?
  • What is the differences between control point curves and interpolated curve apart from its construction method? Interpolated curves seems more intuitive but the results are better with control point curves.
  • How would someone create a object with precise measurement with curves?
  • Are there any tutorials online regarding curves?

Thank you!

Hi @k123mvsdxd

It depends on what you are doing.
Control point curves: The Curve command draws a curve from control point locations.
Intropolate curve: The InterpCrv command draws a curve through selected point locations.
Use the project or projectToCplane command to make the curve/s flat.
Use offsersrf then on the command line, select Solid=Yes to create thickness, and probably fillet edges to get smooth round edges.

Yes there is the online and on demand classes that covers everything in the Rhino level 1 and Level 2 maunal.