Skeletal mesh tips/tutorials?

I’m new to grasshopper and I’m looking for relevant terminology and other references like tutorials that describe the idea below so I can understand what to look for.

The diagram pictures a rectangular building, it’s the constraint with plan view on the right. There is a hypothetical staircase that goes to the top of the building on the outside.

I want to make a support structure that “hugs” the building and stretches between the ground and the stress points of the staircase, forming a shape like polygonal concrete branches.

The way I picture it in my head is like vine that grows on the side of the wall, but made of concrete and with sharp polygonal edges as opposed to round organic:

Hi, just a quick idea: maybe voronoi works for you?

I think something like topological optimization would probably make most sense, since the structure seems to be aimed at supporting the the staircase.