Sizing Issues - Glitches

Hi Rhino Community,

I am running into some puzzling sizing issues when it comes to measuring the size. I am attaching a few examples for reference. I am completely new to Rhino3d so I am sure this is a user error, but here you go …

Example A
I am using a template for 'Inches-small’
For some reason when I try to measure the linear dimensions it gives it to me in Centimeters (27.18 CM is the width of my design). As you can see from settings it should be giving it to me in inches. You can see a box (highlighted in blue) which is correctly showing it as just over 6 inches wide. Why is there a measurement inconsistancy?

Example B
I am using a template for 'Inches-small’
I am trying to figure out how my design will work within the printable area. I am showing a width of my printable area to be just over 10 inches. But when I measure the linear dimension it gives it to me in the double the size. I uploaded my design to a pre-flight test and the 20.07 is the correct dimension. Not the 10 inches. Why would it give me dimensions in half-scale?

Thanks in advice.

Note that the document properties > Units are not related to document properties > Annotation > Dimensions.
You can have many different styles of dimensions - each with their own units settings.

As for the upload to pre-flight test - what file format are you using here?

Hi wim,

Thanks for responding.

I am beginning to follow you but I still need to wrap my head around it and explore it some more. I just created a box and defined the height as 6 inches. The properties in the bottom right defined the height as 3. Is there a way to get the properties to match up? I find that properties area very useful when sculpting, but then again I can just as easily multiple the number by 2.

I was playing around with it again yesterday and finally got my STL file to export correctly. I had to create a canvas with metric units. No matter what service or post software I used for my STL file they did’t like inches, even when I defined the import as an object that’s in inches. I found this link was helpful, it looks like I am not the only one encountering this problem:

When converting my design from inches to metric I had to play around with the scaling as it didn’t convert correctly. But I think between all the experimenting and resizing of my canvas I need to take a fresh step back to make sure I am sizing things correctly.

If you have any links on converting a Rhino3d design from inches to millimeters that would be really helpful. Otherwise it looks like I am going to have to start thinking and designing in metric … which is so un-American :smile:

That information panel is a bit different on the windows version and as such I’m not sure what that last figure actually indicates. If you have a box selected, how does it know which dimension to show?

At this point I guess it would be great if a Mac user could step up to the plate :wink:. From the first picture you posted, it seems like you are changing the layout units - which is odd since I thought that Rhino Mac wouldn’t have layouts. You need to be sure that you are looking at the Model Units.

As for STL, that file format does not carry any units information; only the numbers. It is up to the receiving application to set the units correctly.

What happens when you change the [model] units from inches to millimeters? You should be getting a dialog box asking you if want to scale the model by 25.4. (and answering No will make a line of 30 units (inches) remain 30 units (mm) whereas Yes will make that 30 inch line become 762 mm - for me that is still backwards but that’s another matter :innocent: ).