Single object always shaded

I opened a file from someone else, Rhino 4, in my rhino 5. One object is shaded, always. Wireframe, Rendered, technical…doesn’t matter. It’s always shaded as if it’s in shaded mode.

Just wondering how that can even happen. It’s not an end all problem, but it would be nice to know how to fix it. I tried a few things, moving to a new layer in case it was a layer setting. I even exploded it, copied it, deleted, then pasted it back, but it pasted shaded before even joining it. So something is causing those pieces to be always shaded.

Is this just a setting that I’m having troubles searching for?

Hi Andy - use SetObjectDisplayMode for this.


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In Rhino 5 you can override the display mode of an object, i.e. set it to be something else than the mode of the viewport. You could use the command to set it to the viewport mode again. (SetObjectDisplayMode or something like that).

yes, thank you. I was trying setdisplaymode. I’m surprised that travels with the object after you do something like paste it into a file.

Anyway, it’s fixed. Thank you guys.

This is what I have been using to have different display modes of objects.
now, in Rhino 6, this is not working.

Any ideas how to fix this in Rhino 6??

It is working in RH6 on my system.

Could you post the result of the Rhino SystemInfo command?

Small correction to my query,
are you able to print the model view of the example (one wireframe object, one shaded object) as vector output?
It appears in Raster.

If you create a layout of the view, then print the layout, in both vector and raster they are absent.

This was possible in Rhino 5.

Also, does not appear if FilePdf class is used to print the Pdf output.

Can @dale give a solution?

@wim, Did you try this out and get the results

I now tried this but got different results.

Note that you did not specify how you are printing - to paper or file - and so, in my test, I’m printing to the MS XPS format. If you are printing to PDF, you should probably use the same driver, and therefore - to be able to compare - not the Rhino PDF format of RH6.

Short version: In RH6, printing to vector gets you vector on both objects (i.e. no shaded surfaces). Printing to raster in RH6 will get you raster for both objects (i.e. one in wireframe and the other with shaded surfaces).
In RH5, printing to vector only prints the wireframe object. Printing to raster prints both, just like RH6.

Rhino viewport:

Resulting files:
Printing.7z (416.0 KB)

Did you create a layout of the view, then print the layout page?? (not the model view)

Yes, my screenshot shows the layout with the detail.

But note that I only tried with the viewport set to wireframe and the rendered box overriding the viewport - not the other way around, if that makes a difference…