Single Line .ttf Fonts for Rhino 6

I’ve created some true type single line fonts that work in Rhino 6. Is there a demand for these? Who could I send a message to with some questions about them?


Definitely. If you do a search of the forum, you will find a number of requests with different posters’ names - to which you could send a private message if you wish. This topic will probably attract a certain number of them in any case. They are pretty much universally needed for people who do engraving via CAM/milling or lasers. I don’t know if you are looking to sell or give them away. I do hope you have some more classic fonts other than handwriting.

Thanks! I did some searching and found some queries but they were quite old, which made me unsure if they would be marketable. Not sure about messaging those users, as they may not be active now.

You can try anyway - all you risk is getting a no reply. As far as “marketing” goes, well, good luck, most people were looking for free or nearly-free solutions…

Mine are $7.00 for a desktop license, and $20 for a commercial license. Hopefully they are reasonable enough. I’ve put in years of work to get to this point, so those users are not my target at all.

OK, cool, do you have some more images of your catalog? There are some people I know here (model makers mostly) that might be interested.

I tried to message a user “carvecream” but got a pop up that I had exceeded the maximum number of posts a new user can create. I have 11 fonts I’ve already developed but have a lot of questions to pose to an experienced user. I messaged user “Brian” but it’s only been about an hour and I have not gotten a reply yet.

My site is I have released fonts in 2 phases: .ttf fonts which have a duplicate line and also .opf fonts which have open paths and are native to only 3 software programs. I am ready to go with creating a section for .ttf single line, open path fonts that work in Rhino, but I have no experience with this program and need beta testing first across many operating systems and both Mac and Windows platforms.

Well, it’s the weekend, a lot of people are commercial users so you might not get get too many responses before Monday. From what I see from your site, you’re mostly into script/handwriting type fonts, my feeling is the people here will be more interested in more industrial type fonts for engraving industrial design objects, machine parts, architectural models and the like. I only see one of those on your site (SLF Industrial), it is the only one I could use personally.

Single line ttf versions of popular fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Times or Tekton would be appreciated IMO.

Yes, I was thinking the same re: the weekend, and that is no problem. I have mostly created script ones so far because that has been my market with the craft cutter users. I have 33 fonts I have created in another format, many of which are print style. I can create .ttf versions and get them on the site, adding versions for the Rhino users; I’m just unsure if there is a market for them. Here is a picture of most of the ones I have made, some of which are already up.

I wouldn’t be able to touch Arial or Helvitica, etc. but could provide many options with no serifs.

OK, that selection looks good to me, notably two, four, nine, ten, twelve,twenty two, twenty nine, thirty, etc.

Well, you don’t have to call them that, but fonts with similar characteristics (size, form, spacing) that could replace those would work for a lot of people who have blocks of text to engrave.

For example, to replace Arial, I use the following:

Note that the character is not entirely the same, the main advantage is that it is roughly the same height and spacing.

Edit - used the wrong single stroke font for my example above, changed it for the correct one which is closer to Arial, but still not very nice.

Yes, I can see the problems. Would you private message me?

Sure, but I’m going to have to do it tomorrow, I have to leave now for the evening.
Cheers, --Mitch

No problem!

Hi Again Mitch,

Thanks for your help in testing my single line fonts. I wanted to touch back on this thread to let everyone know I’ve got two single line fonts listed at this time, and plan to add more. Rhino’s development team tested these and worked with me on configuring them to work seamlessly in the software. They are for Rhino 3D versions 6 and 7. They are available here: Single Line Fonts For Rhino.

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Hi Mitch, do you have your version of Arial as .ttf available?

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