Coverting a line drawing to a TTF file? possible?

Hi all, im trying to find a way to save my line drawing ,a custom font needed for a project, as a true type font file for export into a cam program that needs to see a TTF file to write the code, is it possible? Im useing Rhino 4.0, thanks for any help you might have,Kevin

You are going to hsve tu use a tool like this:

Or the old Macromedia Fontographer, that was acquired by the company above.

Thanks for the info Ricardo, looks more involved than I want to do, i was hoping there might be a simpler plugin of some kind for this by now.

Hi Miller,

FWIW another route could be this:


Here’s a great article from Mashable showing a few ways of doing font-making. I seem to remember, that there’s a few freeware solutions out there.

Regards, Jakob