Single GeForce 1070 GPU rendering

Hey guys,
Does anyone have any experience with GPU rendering using a single GeForce 1070 or any other single gfx card?

I’m thinking about upgrading my PC with a single Intel Core i5-6600 with the 1070 and switching to GPU rendering, although I’m not sure if it’s feasible.


I don’t know the answer since I use VfR2, but I tested VfR3 GPU rendering. For product shot it was fast and the denoiser helped to get really nice times.
The question could be, how good will it work for interior renderings? Also don’t forget GPU rendering doesn’t support all Vray features.

If nobody can help you than you could test it at your current machine and interpolate the times by benchmark tables. I would be curious for it too.

@Jonish Go with Thea Render :wink: Unless u need animation stuff with Bongo then Octane @Ryan4 said it works well with it. We discussed few options here - Octane vs Thea?

If u need to stick with vray i think u will need to wait for 3.6 for decent results and gpu support.

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I’m running a single GTX1070 with a 2nd generation i7.
The processor is not even important anymore.

I’ve been using GPU rendering with VRay for over a year. Both Rhino and 3ds Max.
Mostly for architecture, but sometimes for product design too.

CPU rendering is history and GPU rendering has come a long way from the old days.
I can’t see any difference in results and it’s much faster.

Just go for it and don’t worry.

Here is a fast example. I can’t notice any drawbacks in quality.

I think u can’t say that both versions are equal - vray for max is well supported and recently updated while for rhino vray is delivered “as it is” for certain time - v3 for rhino took too long and now again 3.6 introduced hybrid stuff and i’m pretty sure that rhino ver will wait for it for a long time.

This is probably personal preference but i like the idea where core features of render engine is not dependent to actual plugin version but to engine core which can be updated no matter if the plugin has new functions for certain release of core.

Quite sad that Chaos Group don’t provide comparison table between different rendering modes.

I never said they were equal.
But the new VRay 3 gets the job done pretty nicely… at least for me.
GPU rendering is very fast, at least with the 1070 and my years of experience have thought me that whatever you do, you need to optimize models and rendering procedures.
For my work, Rhino is the ultimate package and I’m fine running behind others, rather than going back and forth between software packages. I’ve been using 3ds Max for years and switched to Rhino just a year ago, while well aware of the drawbacks and the lack of support for my main rendering engine.

And you are correct, it’s a true shame that Chaos Group are not very interested in supporting Rhino.
But I’m still hoping. They released 4 very minor bug-fixing updates, since the first release of v3. Maybe they will turn things around. Rhino might not have the crowd 3ds Max has, but it’s a marketplace that has to be tapped.
Also, hybrid rendering in VRay for Rhino would be a much welcomed implementation.

At the end of the day, to be honest, I’d rather see a seamless workflow between Unreal and Rhino in the future and leave this procedural rendering nonsense behind.

I’m with Rhino for a while - (rather longer while) and as u said for me it is also ultimate package :slight_smile:

I worked with max, blender, su and also vray, maxwell and so forth and i remember i was sad that i had to work with half product when i had to use v2 and then i started to look for other engines - and Thea solved all my problems - ahh i remember that day :smiley: 3 years ago Thea had already hybrid rendering :slight_smile: Small example from my side only cloth was simed in blender besides that some minor color correction in PS. I know if i would use then v2 for rhino i wouldn’t be able to get such result.


hi everybody, does anyone test the new version 4.1 maxwell render?
it seems to improve drasticaly the timing of render with new function…
who have used it yet?

I didn’t and i won’t till all dots here will be green - :slight_smile: