Sine curve along sine curve

hey there, i created bigger sine curve and want to have another sine curve (purple box) that goes along the first one. the problem is that the frequency parameter of the second curve just isnt working and i cant figure it out. i would also like that the 2nd curve starts and ends at the endpoints of the 1st one. i would realy appreciate some help, i browsed a lot to find the solution but i just cant figure it out… (16.9 KB)


I added the white group, from here:

Your original curve could be offset if you don’t want it coincident? But if you want to start and end the offset sine curve on the base curve, as your image shows, it’s more difficult.

Oh, now I see that indeed you do: :thinking: (15.4 KB)

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This is very strange. The yellow group does the “merge” of lower sine curve to upper one, based on the ‘Merge%’ slider (blue group). Anomalies abound when the ‘Count’ is low. (29.6 KB)

But it’s not bad, eh?

here’s another method
image (11.6 KB)

btw, your main curve is a cosine curve from 0 to pi
(which is identical to a sin curve from 1/2 pi to 3/2 pi… but using a cosine eliminates extra steps )

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