Sine Cosine Plane - Increase Density

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question, I have this simple sine cosine plane, but I was wondering how I could increase the sine cosine forms to make it more dense? I was planning to have more circle structures in the plane. Attached is the GH script (19.6 KB)

Thanks everyone!

Have a look at the attachment. (10.9 KB)


thank you!!


just a follow up from your solution, I was wondering if it would be possible to have the profile of the curves similar to A (as seen in the attached, rather than the existing one we both posted (B)). I figured it would be a math problem but after experimenting with different equations, none of them seems to work.

Thank you very much!

Try to increase the resolution(the number of points).

Thanks for your suggestion! I have tried increasing the number of points but still had the “negative” part of the sine curve if thats what you call it…

You just have to use abs(sin…) to change negative value to positive. Abs as absolute
Absolute value - Wikipedia.

But the pattern will have discontinuities. So it could be better to array just a “Bump” or to calculate the number of division in order to have a point at each discontinuity.
If 3 “bump” => 3*n +1 points.

it worked!! thank you very much

ill try your bump suggestion and see if its better! but the abs solution works good in my opinion…thank you again

What I mean by bump is to generate just one (11.6 KB)