Sine curve with even points distribution

Hi, I am trying to describe a sine curve with even points distribution, but as the points get more far away from the origin, they start to separate. How can I fix it? (5.9 KB)

they are separating because you are defining the step size to be greater and greater with each evaluation of the domain. use a panel to look at what you are outputting in the SERIES component. (9.4 KB)

Heres an updated .gh file that has equally spaced ponts along the x axis.

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One doesn’t generally use both Sine and Graph Mapper. Try one or the other: (8.5 KB)

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thank you Mike! it works perfectly :ok_hand:

Thx Joseph!

Hi all,
I was looking for something similar but solved it differently, wanted to share incase it’s of use to anyone else. :smiley: