Simplify Polysurface While Retaining Shape

Hi All,

I need you again. I just downloaded a site model from a website. The terrain portion of the model is a very heavy polysurface. I need to do a lot of trimming etc, to this surface, and I would like to simplify it, so it doesn’t keep freezing my program. I tried “fitSrf” and it doesn’t even allow me to select the polysurface. How can I rebuild or simplify this polysurface so that it’s light and editable while preserving the overall shape?

This seems to be a rectangular polysurface.

You can get the corners of the polysurfaces and create a surface from points.

I would do this in Grasshopper, mainly because I’d expect I’d have to sort the points according to another point set which has the correct order. The result of this rebuild is a single untrimmed surface.

Here’s an example with 1700 surfaces in random order: (950.3 KB)

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