Simplify Network (Reduce, Rebuild, Smooth), Medial Axis, Image Tracing

Hey everyone,
i am looking for a method to transfer a picture of a Network to a clean vectorized Network of Nodes and simple lines connecting this nodes to creat a base i could continue working on with e.g. Heteroptera or Sandbox.
After trying out Rooster I got showen a thinning algorithem ( image - Zhang-Suen thinning algorithm C# - Stack Overflow ) which produces like a medial axis trough the black part of the picture but in a realy messy way:

after trying countless ideas to reduce this polylines to simple line between the nodes i found a script which somehow manged to reduce this complex polylines but misses out kinks (Red line)
I realy dont know what i could try anymore and hope that you could help me out converting this complex polyline to a simple network of lines or an other method of image tracing for a clean network result :nerd_face:
Polyline network to line (60.0 KB)

I found a way not too bad, for my applications (3d printing) I choose to prefer arcs over lines, but it could be possible to make a script with just arcs.

Explained here

Strangely the command “convert” in Rhino doesn’t output good result for zig zag polylines !

Here’s a little script for this
Polyline network to line Network _ (54.5 KB)

This is the same thing as posted here, just without the smoothing part.

edit - if you’re saying you want to simplify and clean up the graph but keep the large corners, then you can combine with reduce, like this
Polyline network to line Network _ (57.7 KB)

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