Medial Axis from multiple closed curves, middle of double lines

Hey Everyone,

i read through many posts and discussions but could not finde a solution to the problem i am facing.
With the plugin Rooster i traced the black and white image to curves but now they are all doubled i only want a polyline or simple lines to represent the picture below.

I found a method for finding the Medial Axis but the curves resulting from this are to complex:
Image (277.5 KB)

I hope you know a different method to simplify the double curves or the Medail Axis to a result of line segments or polylines.
Thanks in regards! :slight_smile:

for sure it is a problem, it seems that (Gimp plugin) autotrace has the centerline option.

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thanks thats exactly what i am locking for but how can i implement this is grasshopper?
Sorry, but I have never worked with coding like this and couldn`t find a topic about it :sweat_smile:

Ok here a little code that uses 95 % of code from TAW.

This code is doing thinning of an image

You must have a good black and white image. If not … (7.2 KB)


thats a realy good help thanks! and almost exactly what i try to achive but my goal is to have one single line between the nodes and angles - i spend hours one using and combing the grasshopper curve util section to simplify the line segments and searching for discussion on this topic but couln’t come up with a result :upside_down_face:
do you know method to reduce the segments without loosing the node connections?

You can use Multiple curves intersection, or Fennec addon (15.3 KB)


In complement of the method of @seghierkhaled it is also possible to make polylines using the topology of the network. I didn’t do it here but it is possible if needed. Then each polyline could be smoothed using the legacy components.


Thank you so much - i realy appreciate your help!
with the fennec Shatter component i came to this solution

image_thinner_LEGACY_m (1).gh (70.7 KB)

some lines could be straigther but for now on it works :nerd_face:

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Cool you manage to do it. I didn’t knew the possibilities of Fennec. If I don’t find a functionality in all the plugins I have already installed, I develop my own tool.
Fennec seems a worth to have plugin.

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