Optimize Repeated Script: How to optimize Convert Curve to Arc script, smarter way of using list item

Hi All,

I am at the moment trying to convert a planar free form curve [Polyline curve Ridge image] into a series of segmented arcs [Arc segments images]. I have wrote this script to divide 12 segments of this curve into arcs, but I am doing it with the list item component one segment at a time.


  1. I wonder if someone here can kindly advise me on how I can do this in a smarter way?

  2. Is there a in GH method to repeat the group of script (purple group that convert each segment to arc, [GH SS] image) without making a 12 groups of essential the same components?

  3. In addition, I wonder if anyone here who is familiar with Python or C# knows a way to for example import components in the purple group into the either coding tools to make a looping script without having to rewrite the entire thing in codes? (The reason being is that I have limited knowledge of either coding tools)

Curve to Arc.3dm (50.4 KB) Curve to Arc.gh (27.3 KB)

It seems like I am able to find my solution via David Rutten’s answers in this discussion!

Thanks a lot! And thanks David~