Simplify my object / reduce file size?


Ive been watching videos and havent had any luck. My object, curve, whatever its called is to be a stamp i 3d print for stamping clay. i extruded it from an illustrator file, im sure way over complex, but its how it came out.

Makerbot stalls at 8% converting, im sure due to the size.

Any tips?
oktoberfest stamp.3dm (12.2 MB)

Hello - what is the actual final scale of the stamp? As is the thing is minute - a few mm overall. I’d say the amount of detail is going to to depend on the actual scale and the clay itself - groggy stoneware, smooth whiteware?


yea, not really sure what your saying, but it will end up being 3"x3" or so

OK - so, if the overall size is about 3" then the narrowest ‘lines’ like the one crossing the ‘S’ will be about 2 mm wide - is that reasonable to press into the clay you have at the depth you want? Probably to look clean as a pressed in stamp, the hard corners on the letters should be considerably softened I would think, depending on how deep you want to press.- what is the material of the object itself?

My guess is it will take some experimentation…


perhaps a maker bot prob, ill try there

@vdubjim - I’d do something like the attached - just the S but you’ll get the idea. The first thing is to redraw the messy curves with simpler ones… round a few corners… etc.

Cleaned up a bit more - no verticals in the interior depressions so should press better.
oktoberfest car show_S_PG.3dm (769.6 KB)