Simplify Definition / Move Point Perpendicular to line

I’m trying to move the points shown in the images perpendicular to the line so that each point is consistently the same distance away from each one, rather than just move the points in the Z direction. How could I modify my definition to do this?

Also, how could I simplify the definition? - I have many lines, so the definition just repeats several times and I would like to simplify to eventually get to an easier iterative process.


Please upload screenshots + your files with internalized geometries.
You could simply get the midpoint of an offset curve or get a curve frame & move a long it’s axis. (10.6 KB) (85.4 KB)

Give this a look and let me know what you think. I’d like to simplify so the definition doesn’t repeat itself so much.


And in my gh definition, where I move the midpoint in the Z direction, I would like to move that midpoint perpendicular to it’s initial line - so that each point is moved the same distance, as the angles change.