Move Points along Curve

I have two Curves. One of the Curves I divided by length every 10 meters. Then I used curves closest point to get the points on the other curve. Now i like to move the points along the curves by 0.3m. When i use the move component the points move outside the curves. What can I do?

Move Points along (28.4 KB)

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This project looks familiar… Way too complex to be sure which points you want to move and where in this code you want to make the change?

In general though, you want to use the lines the points are on as vectors, then set vector Amplitude to the distance you want to move them.

P.S. In this case, they are lines, not arbitrary curves, which would require a different approach.

Move Points along (24.1 KB)

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Line endpoints Vector2pt move 0.3
Move Points along (25.2 KB)


with Divide Curve You were not dividing into 10m segments. What you were doing was dividing it into 10 segments (each 1/10 of the curve). For what you want to do, you use Evaluate Length with the settings shown in the image.
Also: now it is not needed anymore, but in the future if you want to use part of a list, you can use split list instead of typing each item you want to remove. :slight_smile:
hope it helps! (17.9 KB)

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Thanks for the advice!

sorry, I just noticed: My points start from the other side of the curve. to remedy that you just use flip curve