Simpler/more straightforward RiR "Add 3D View" component?

I’m finding the current “Add 3D View” component to be a bit less than intuitive to use. It asks for an input plane, requiring users to either build a plane from scratch to input into the component or to use plugins like Human or Heteroptera to grab a plane/frame. Camera creation using the typical user interface almost never would happen by drawing planes, thus my complaints with that component.

A much simpler way of bringing in 3D views would be using three inputs:

  1. Camera Location (Point)
  2. Camera Target (Point)
  3. Lens Length/Field of View (Number) not sure which of these Revit likes better

Does this type of workflow already exist in RiR and I’m just missing it? If not, any chance it would be implemented in a future release?

Scott, I’ll see what we can do. I know there were some early looks at syncing viewports.

The component can’t get much simpler, what it sounds like you need is the Rhino view plane without a plugin.

I think “Simpler” isn’t the right term; driving views from Camera Locations and Camera Targets is still what I’m looking to achieve. This allows a much more methodical approach to managing cameras between the two programs, since creating a 3D view in Revit’s UI is done with Location/Target logic.

I’m imagining something like scripting out the creation of a sequence of views in Revit, where Camera Locations are placed along a curve but the Camera Target is kept constant. Lens Length/Field of View could be an optional input and otherwise use a default value.

The constructor for a Revit 3D view orientation is plane information, not target.

public ViewOrientation3D(
	XYZ eyePosition,
	XYZ upDirection,
	XYZ forwardDirection

Woops! :sweat_smile:
I’m just a user, not a programmer, so when I’m talking about the input logic I’m talking about the physical act of clicking the mouse in a view to determine the initial location, then making another click to determine the general target direction.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this, because I do know how to script multiple planes to achieve the example I gave above, but I was just feeling like planes are less intuitive than points when thinking about how you’d typically construct a perspective by hand or planning a set of views.

Hi @scott.deisher,

Here a User Object that you can copy on %APPDATA%\Grasshopper\UserObjects.

It creates the plane as you requested.

Once installed it will be available from here.

Unfortunately FOV functionality is still not available.

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