Create plane for 3D view in RIR


I’m trying to create a 3d view but I can’t get the orientation correct. What does the ‘plane’ refer to?

If I look at what the API is after so that I can construct the necessary GH plane:

  • 'EyePosition would be the origin of the plane.
  • ‘Forward direction’ I assume is the vector where you are looking.
  • But what is ‘UpDirection’?


Looks like it refers to the Level Picker

The input ‘Plane’ is the plane where all geometry will be projected.

UpDirection is codirectional with the Y direction on the input ‘Plane’.
It use to be Z Axis. On those screenshots is represented by the green Y axis on the plane.

If you rotate that plane 45º you have this

If you like to construct the plane from ForwardDirection.

An other way to construct that plane may be ‘Rectangle 3Pt’.

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