Simple tree structure question

Hi. Still on my first GH project so hopefully someone can help me out with what I hope is an easy solve.

So I need the structure of the left list and the items of the right list combined into a new list.
Not sure how to do that.

And before I do that I really need to shift the order of a few of the branches of the list on the right so that it aligns with those on the left list.

The right list is a list of exploded polylines. I need their centers to be sorted in the same way as they have been on the left list but not sure how to do this when working with the vertices and not the center points.

Any help much appreciated.


IsaacArchitectural model (152.8 KB)

Right click your parameter components throughout the definition and select internalize. Then re-upload the file.

Sorry Michael,

Here it is.Architectural model (162.0 KB)

PS. I think I’ve worked it out but still having issues with the sorting part a bit.

You can use the Match Tree component to achieve what you’re doing. As both of your components data structures have 80 branches, it takes the data from your Explode component and maps it to the data from your Sort component.

Awesome! Thanks Andy.

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