Combine lists into tree in custom order usind list

Hi everyone. I’am struggling with this froblem for a whole day though it seems simple.

I have several lists, as a result i want to get a tree from this lists combinated by a new one list. I thought i solved it, by selection branches by path, but /tree branch/ component joins lists when the path is similar, instead of adding new similar branch.
( on the picture - 4 branches as a result, instead 10 branches, 4 items each)(the same with split tree component)
The organizing list is going to be parametrical? and it have to include repeation numbers.

Hope for your help friends!

Can you upload the gh file as well? I’m beginning to understand your problem, but it would be handy to have the exact same data as you.

Thanks for response. it seems i handled the proplem selecting not a branch but each element of it through /select tree item/, but anyway, i hope there is more obvious way to combine branches.
RHINO (12.0 KB)