Figuring out how to match each branch of a data tree with each object of a list

Hello guys…
I have a problem with matching data tree and list inputs in the “point in curve” component. as you see in the attached file i have an architectural form and its structure which I need to optimize. in this part of the process I need to find the innermost point of the structure at each predefined section-plane. So my plan is to first find the points inside the form and then find the one which has the most distance to it.
but somehow i cant make the “point in curve” component to work properly.
I have tried grafting, flattening, simplifying, trim tree, clean tree and lots of other combinations but somehow I can’t figure it out. I believe it should be pretty simple and straight forward but I am stuck on it for 2days now… If you can have a look and help me I would appreciate it a lot.

form (343.5 KB)

Like this?

form (344.2 KB)

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thank you very much for your response… yes that is almost what I meant. I did not think of shift paths… but shift paths removes the branches for each 4 points. in the next step I should select the further of each of the point-couples so I need to keep that.

Then, check this as well.

form (353.0 KB)

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yes thank you very much for your time… I guess that should solve the problem :slight_smile: