Simple table test

a quick idea for a metal fabricated table. Simple illustration for a spotlight test


Looks great! One trick I always tell people- change the default rhino lens length from 50mm to 35mm

It makes for a much nicer “feel” the the image and makes it looks less” computery”

i completely disagree, stylising is by all means a question of taste. at most, arguably a medium of purpose. not everything has to look more dramatic because reality is skewed, and that also does not make it more realistic.

it’s just 35mm lenses are very common in the imagery we see every day.

50mm is less common and tends to have less perspective and looks less like what we see every day and has a more “computery” look.

it’s a dead giveaway that something is cgi to my eye,

but by all means, you do you…

you have that backwards. 35mm is the more extravagant focal length. some swore by it, still do as you obviously do too. the 35mm is already a wide angle hence the more dramatic look which you prefer.

the 50mm on the other side is definitely more common, still very slightly wide angle even on a full frame, but it is much closer to our actual sight (which is more complex in detail but lets leave it there)