How to set camera lens to see proper 2.35 aspect ratio with proper 35 and 50mm lenses?

I was asked to create some views of our model exactly as a 35mm and 50mm lens would see a 2.35 aspect ratio. I was able to set camera to 35mm and 50mm, but my client wants to see the view as the lens/camera would see it. Is this possible? How would I go about achieving these proper perspectives as the camera would see them?

I’m not sure I understand.
You can make the Perspective view current, then edit it’s properties, including lens length (assuming a 35mm camera system), the Camera location, and the Target location:

Hi John, Thanks, yes, this I figured out already. The concern is with ensuring that the generated perspective shots are showing what the camera would see with it’s aspect ratio of 2.35 and correctly showing the lens distortion, etc.

Is there perhaps a plugin that generates accurate views based on camera film size + lens?

I think I found a script on mcneel wiki here

However, the “CAM_LENS” option doesn’t do anything. When Im in perspective view, there is no change. I have to manually change the camera lens using the “set lens length” in rhino, and then go back and see “cam_lens” figure which changes according to the set lens length.

The link above says “sandy” last modified it. Is “sandy” the developer of this script?

Hi @John_Brock,

Th OP is referring to an anamorphic widescreen film lens, not a spherical still camera lens. Anamorphic lenses ( which basically squash a wider picture area to fit into a 35mm frame) introduce distortion and effects such as flare that further distinguish the image from a still one.

I imagine that the Rhino camera is a still camera with a spherical lens…


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There are no such lens effects in Rhino. For that you’d have to use a render engine that simulates lenses in such a way.

I was able to get pretty close using the above script, however the lens option in the script doesn’t adjust the correct perspective window lens, so its buggy. What other software would you suggest would be suitable for creating accurate camera perspectives?

All you need is here:

This has a tool bar with aspect ratios as well as panavision and Arri lens set ups. The lenses are calculated to compensate for the differences between a still camera lens (which rhino uses) vs a cinematic film camera.

Hope this helps

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Thanks. This is the one I was using. Will try it again.

The trick is setting the camera system first then the aspect ratio. Then select the type of lens you want based on the system, anamorphic for example. The lens calculations are approximates and get close but not perfect. Its really just tricking the Rhino cameras into doing what we needed.

What I dont understand is there was at one point an option in one of the test builds of Rhino 5 or 6 that had these types of settings but it was taken out for some silly reason. Oh well.