Simple solid boolean failure

The boolean in the attached file seems to fail in grasshopper but not in rhino.

this was done in rhino.

I have noticed that the solid boolean operations in grasshopper behave in different ways from the ones in rhino.

here are the two breps, all show as closed yet the boolean outputs the tube without the slot removed.

In this case, I suspect it is because the outer surface of the union is a polysurface from the coplanar faces of the input breps OR that the outer tube face and the outer slot face are at some tangent angle that makes the operation fail.

I’ve noticed that doing solid boolean operations where faces become tangent to one another tend to behave in inconsistent ways. any insight would be greatly appreciated.

also, I’ve read over other discussions where changing the tolerance of the file is mentioned as a solution. is there a separate tolerance setting for grasshopper and rhino?

boolean (23.3 KB)

I’m opening your file in R6 beta and it seems there’s no problem with “SDiff”… Try to open it in R6 beta.

Closing this thread with a followup. I opened it up on another computer and the operation worked fine. It seems to be something to do with that particular computer/file/operation. I have not been able to duplicate it again on another machine or on that one after…