Grasshopper c# - brep.CreateBooleanUnion issue


I made this script based on youtube tutorial (but the tutorial used vanilla grasshopper components), and it constantly fails to solid union. Probably I messed up during scripting…
I’ve searched boolean union issues in this forum, and as like the others, boolean union in Rhino command works.

Could you have a look at my script and give me some advice?
Thanks!!! (16.2 KB)

It works here ??!!???
It could be a problem of your Rhino version or a tolerance issue. Change tolerance in Rhino and Recompute Grasshopper definition



thanks! I set the tolerance 0.01 or 0.001, recompute definition,
but it still does not show any result :cry:
could you let me know which rhino version you use? I am using rhino 6, maybe I should buy 7 license…

Just tested on R6 and I have the same problem. Strangely boolean union works in Rhinoceros!!!
There must be somewhere an option that is different between Grasshopper and Rhino

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