Simple question, go back to tree structure after culling duplicates?

Suppose I have a grid of points with branches being the number of columns and items being the number of rows. Suppose I manually add points, duplicating some. I flatten to cull them, but then I want to go back to my tree structure. How can this be done? Thanks.

Well we can’t tell without a file. So without further information you can try:

  1. Do it in a way without flatten (probably possible if you understand lists well)
  2. Try the unflatten tree component
  3. Try the match tree component
  4. Try the partition list component

Oh sorry Micheal, I was talking about a generic example. But here it is reproduced.

Random (8.2 KB)

Compare the attached version to yours…

Random (17.6 KB)

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But Kim, I think the “cull duplicates” component works in this case because you have exactly 1 duplicate on each branch. How would it be in my example?

Why don’t you check your each branch data?
Sometimes in your way, there would be no duplicated points in one branch…

I did I did, I thought maybe you would find a way to assign each point/points back to its corresponding branch. (Instead of changing the example)

Here I did it the hard way, and the cull duplicate works fine! Sweet. Thank you.