Simple Data Tree Managment Problem

Hi people,

I was looking for a way to cull duplicates on multiple branches and so I came up with this def. The problem is that now I want to go back to the initial tree structure but I wasn’t able to figure it out… was hoping maybe someone here could. (12.0 KB)

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doesn’t the cset do this? or are there additional context considerations?

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Yes, indeed, but I am afraid I might have simplified the problem too much.

You see I am working with nested referenced blocks, with Elefront. Every referenced block has a different ID, despite the fact that they might all be references of the same block.

This makes me have to deconstruct the block to access its name and perform the operations. But once the block is deconstructed how can I select the undeconstructed instance. (Cyan componet in def) (11.7 KB)
CullDuplicatesMultiple_Blocks.3dm (1.2 MB)

PD: I could surely use cset on names and then use “Insert Block” from EleFront, but that would not be ideal.

ideally those would be attributes/layers or color in the block which you could filter by.

If you track the original tree structure path names in parallel with your culling operation you can go old school and use the “Replace Paths” component.

Where is the Culling Operation component from?

Edit: Found it (native - Random Reduce)

That’s just “Random Reduce” as a stand-in. I can’t download any files at the moment and I don’t have Elefront installed.

Thank you guys @old_taz and @Rickson I will look into your proposals in a while, for now I sorted it using “Insert Block” from Elefront.