Dispatch data branches with no duplicate points

Hi guys,
I have a data tree of points with duplicated points between branches and I would like to apply the right cull pattern to the right branch, or change points indexes, so that I no longer have duplicated points between the branches in one of 2 columns. I don’t touch scripting and I don’t know if it is possible to do it without scripting. I hope the image explains my problem
Thanks very much

DataBranches.gh (15.3 KB)

Maybe you can postprocess the culled data…

DataBranches_re.gh (12.9 KB)


Your goal isn’t clear to me but I wonder if you’ve considered that your “curves” (lines) are in random order and their start points (directions) are split, three starting at the top and three at the bottom?

The white group (below) sorts the curves and the cyan group splits them into two groups. ‘A’ slopes down to the right and ‘B’ slopes up to the right. Then these are used as inputs to CCX to return only the nine intersection points in the middle, ignoring the end points.

DataBranches_2020May24a.gh (29.2 KB)

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Thank you HS_Kim - Joseph_Oster for answer
Excuse me. I was not explicit and clear. This is the result I want in the end, to not have a duplicated point in the two columns

and preserve the cull pattern : True-False-True-False…

without doing this manually

DataBranches02.gh (9.5 KB)

Where there are duplicate points there should be opposite values ​​one will be true the other false

Still clear as mud to me, sorry. I don’t understand your ultimate goal and am not willing to be led into the weeds on a roundabout journey to get there. Too many Trim Tree components and obscure (seemingly arbitrary) operations for me to follow. If a geometric outcome is desired, I don’t see it?

Sincerely sorry if I dragged you down an unclear trail.
As for ultimate goal I have many drawings to which I would like to apply interlacing, and that made a long time that I make this work manually. I had already approached the problem here Pattern Multiline but without solution. Now I would like to experiment this track but I block.
Thank you

I would like to preserve the duplicate points which does not belong to the same line.

@Joseph_Oster I learned a lot by analyzing your canvas with a few modifications that could well go for this specific case. Thanks to you and thanks to @HS_Kim as well :+1: :heartbeat:

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just a question, why the ranking here is not correct

DataBranches_2020May24a-02.gh (25.9 KB)

Thanks for answer

Sort Points sorts by “first X, then Y, then Z” and we have swapped X and Y to create hidden “pseudo points” before sorting, then used the ‘I’ (Indicies) values to retrieve the original points.

Study it carefully. The code is simple, all the answers are there. The included ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool is very helpful to examine the geometry (curves and points) at every step of the way.

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I understand why you did this
but we must have rather
{0, 0, 0}
{0, 5, 0}

I got what I wanted as written. Have fun. Try the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool.

:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks

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