Simple question! Dropping curves surfaces or polysurfaces to grid?

I have tried google this but cant seem to find the answer anywhere.
Appologies for not being able to figure this simple task out.

Dropping curves surfaces or polysurfaces to grid?

Ex Snap curves, surface of polysurfaces that i have floating in space with flat a bottom right down to the base grid?

Thank you!



Right i remembered that one for curves after i wrote question,., but it does not seem to work with polysurfaces…

also, if i have curves i want to project unto a surface/polysurface ?

Project or Pull

Help has descriptions of both.

i don’t think _Project works with polysurfaces… _ProjectToCPlane does though.

ProjectToCPlane should work for any surface. or do you mean UnrollSrf ? that would unfold objects.
Smash does a pretty good job on that to and Squish can do the same for strongly twisted single surfaces.

if you want to project curves or other objects onto a surface you have to use FlowAlongSrf

No, Project works fine on polysurfaces… --Mitch

And SetPt maybe?

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HI Adam - try Align > Bottom in an elevation view (relatively speaking - that is, with a CPLane aligned with Y to the vertical direction you wish to move the objects in).