Project geometry to polysurf

Does anyone know of a way to project geometry onto a polysurf?

I can do it if the geometry to project on to is just a single surface or simple geometry that can be unrolled, but can’t think of a way to do it with the more complex polysurf in the file below.

The closest I’ve got is thinking of using the unwrapped uv mesh of the polysurf to map the geometry back onto the original surfs. But can’t find a command for this!

Any ideas?

1 = Polysurf to project on to.
2 = Geometry to be projected.
3 = Extracted uv mesh.

ProjGeo.3dm (780.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!

As far as I know, you can only project curves onto polysurfaces by using Pull or Project

hi rob, for this matter you can use flow along surface with a little detour. dup the boarder of the polysurface, then mesh the polysurface with a dens grid. select the mesh and the dupped boarder and use patch. now you have a single patch which you can unroll/smash/squish and use as a basis to flow the geometry back up.

you could use UnrollSrfUV

but i think the panneling tools would be pretty appropriate for this kind of tasks

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I did about the same, but got to the patch via ExtractWireframe on the polysurface, then split the patch with isocurves right at the edges of the polysurface (Shrink=Yes)


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@encephalon @pascal

Thanks both! Will give those methods a whirl, they both look good!

Many thanks.


This works really well, thank you!

Squish works the best for flattening and I never knew you could do that with the patch command…it is useful for something after-all! (having spent 20 years avoiding it…)

The patch seemed to be better/more controllable when I use the mesh rather than Pascal’s extract wireframe.

Thanks again :grin: