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Hello everyone,

I have a query about projecting planar curves onto a curved surface. ‘Project’ command does a vertical projection (without any control over line lengths) which depends on the curvature of surface. Is the ‘Pull’ command a better option to project curves? Or is there any other command in Rhino which can be used for this purpose?

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Sushant Goel
MSc Uni Stuttgart


Hi Sushant
Try the commands CreateUVCrv and ApplyCrv
Ciao Vittorio

(David Cockey) #3


Pull “pulls” the curve to the nearest portion of the surface.

Project is a straight projection in the direction normal to the local construction plane.

CreateUVCrv and ApplyCrv allow curves to be pasted onto a surface.

What are you trying to do?


Hi David and Vittorio,

Thanks for replying.

The pattern which you see on the plane below surface has a grid size of 1.5mx1.5m. But after projection, the grid size (black curves from ‘Project’ and yellow ones from ‘Pull’) is no longer constant due to vertical projection and curvature of surface. Which command can keep the grid size on the curved surface as 1.5mx1.5m?


Hi Sushant
Can you post the file 3dm?
Ciao Vittorio


File attached.

geometry.3dm (339.4 KB)


Hi Sushant

To do this, use the command OffsetCrvOnSrf…
I extracted the isocurve passing through the center and then the command OffsetCrvOnSrf…
Hope i help You
Ciao Vittorio
Sushant_geometry.3dm (432.8 KB)

(David Cockey) #8

Vittorio’s method results in a grid which with almost but not exactly equal length segments. The segments become longer away from the center of the surface due to compound curvature effects.

Have you investigated Paneling Tools?


Thanks a lot Vittorio. This OffsetCrvOnSrf command is useful but I have 4 patterns (square, square-45 degree, hexagon, variation of hexagone) to project. I will go ahead with Project command.

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Thanks David for sharing paneling tools info. I will check it out.

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