Simple Python Scripts For Architecture

Hi There,

I would like to start a discussion about what I perceive to be low hanging fruit problems that can exponentially help the base users with getting their work done. In particular simple processes that can be scripted in python and turned into custom buttons.

My List of ideas:

  1. Automatic dimension bounding box of selected item on layout.
  2. Automatic Sheet creation from list with option to modify title block attributes based on inherent properties, eg name, scale or view or object
  3. Flesh out tools like from author:
  4. Push on Gijs layout tools in particular, creating multiple detail views of an object and the automatic bill of materials.
  5. Flesh out example python scripts in particular when to use rhinoscript vs rhinocommon. And also make it clear about objref’s usage through a focus on script examples solving real world problems like automatic dimensioning , layouts for fabrication, automatic layout tools etc. Things that can really change ones life on the ground.

I will keep adding to my list as they come to mind.

If anyone has solved these problems and wants to share link would love to here from you.

cheers guys.