Rhino - Scripting


I would like to inquire about scripting possibilities in Rhino, I am totally beginner, never wrote a code or script whatever (only excel :smile: ) However I have some idea and would be fun to accomplish them within some plugin or scripts.

So I just would like to ask which programming language is the most suitable for Rhino, I heard a lot about Visual basic which is one of the easiest language, however there are a lot such as .NET, Python, etc. What is the limit in each?

My ideas are referring to arrange drawing layouts, links between them etc. rather then 3D.


I would recommend starting with python. It really isn’t going to be any more or less difficult to learn than other scripting languages like VB. A good place to start is with the 101 manual that can be found here

Hi Steve,

thanks for the suggestion, great resources.

I would have another question about plugins, such as Layout Manager for Rhino 5. How to create such applications in rhino ? I am really interested in managing layouts which has been done in excel by a filterable method with keywords and check-box for each dwg file and it would be great to see in rhino. Also with a kind of automatic Layout population.

I am also interested in database applications (ms access but mainly openoffice or XLS) however rhino has not got connection or plugin for this (except GH but not for documentation). Is that possible to create a small “primitive” database inside Rhino with the main features of XLS such as LOOKUP? that could insert or link pictures or other cad drawings.

currently i am thinking about these things.