Simple polyline question

Dear experienced Rhino-users,

I would like to ask you a simple question: I am creating polylines from a set of points, but
I am on a steep learning curve moving on from rhino4 to rhino 7.

In rhino7 i experience the problem that when i draw four points close together, creating a square, the line sometimes jumps to the third point and then closes, creating a triangle. This must be a new setting which i haven’t discovered yet…I would very much like to turn it off. Does someone know how to do this. Thanks for any advice.

Hi Ezra - I do not recall off hand how V4 behaved but Polyline and other curve commands to ‘offer’ to close the curve if you get near the start point - holding down the Alt key will suspect any object snapping like the Point OSnap that kicks in automatically to close a curve.


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your suggestion. You describe that the Point OSnap kicks in automatically and suggest holding down the Alt key. Would there perhaps be another way to prevent this automatic response. I am holding a FARO-arm while recording in Rhino which makes holding down the Alt key at the same time a bit tricky.

Kind regards, Ezra

you can adjust the snap radius in your settings, setting it closer to 1 it will basically not snap at all anymore. at least on rhino for mac. there is also an advanced setting for a digitizer, no idea if you have to change that in your case.

Hi encephalon,

Thank you for the useful tip! I adjusted the settings today and problem solved.:relaxed:
Thank you.

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