Simple Parametric Human Body


I need a simpe human body that will works with sliders. I want to use it for an basic animation on Grasshopper. At least even the example below works. How can I do it? Thank you in advance!

a simple example

I never see this king of tool, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. As Grasshopper is a tool to make all parametric stuff, learn it, then make what you need and if you have problem the community will try to help you.
Here your question is not precise enough. “simple” “basic” are not specifications.
Please also read that

Iso specifications for Human body are not free.|1|1|1|1|2|1|4|1|1|

I found @Strabon 's title and description sufficient to understand what they are looking for. I’m also interested in parametric human forms, and a very simple form would be sufficient for my purposes.

“Specifications” are not required for an initial question.

I understand also what he means, but specifications, limitations … are useful to know. Something like traceparts model seems accessible but if you need fingers movements … it will become complicated.

SO we just have to hope somebody has a ready solution.

The ‘poseable human’ definition from here might help?

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Thank you all! @DanielPiker’s solution is very helpful. Unfortunately, it works with Kangaroo’s “grab” component, in other words with dragging left mouse button, not with sliders. I am not similar to Kangaroo, so I am not sure if I can control it with sliders instead of dragging.