Simple Parametric Human Body

You might want to look into how seat (race car seats) design these relative to the car wheel and pedals…

Also found this that might be off topic but might have answers regarding the process.

Thanks, the motion is pretty much clear and self explaining.
There are investigations available for the most comfortahle seating position with angles.
But as can be seen from second picture the pedaling position depends very much on the position of the crank set. Therefore the size of the bycicle body is determined by the min and max position of the feet.
That’s why shoe size, crank arm length, leg length and so on matters and need to be variable in the GH definition of the human model.

Yesterday I forgot to mention the importance of variable shoulder width. (Width of the bycicle body is pretty much determined by the shoulders)
Upper body, neck and head should be moveable (is there such wording as rotateable?) as well.
If the seating angle of the lower body changes, the heads angle needs to change and the bycicle might be lower or higher…

I created the crank set in GH with adjustable position and max length crank arms of 180 mm today.

Of course I know there’s a lot not needed space right now. This is just a fast very first shot to show the limitations I have to deal with.