Deform mesh internal edges without changing the shape


The absolute unix path pointing to the KangarooSolver.dll for the latest version of Rhino 7 is:


However, since we’re dealing with some sort of Windows workflow here that haphazardly also seems to work on macOS, you need to get rid of the backslash that escapes the whitespace between .../Rhino\ Naked whitespace is not allowed on unix-based systems, is considered a special character, and as such needs to be escaped with a backslash.
My guess is that this confuses the C# “path parser”, since it expects only back- or forward slashes. This dialogue doesn’t seem to be fully ported for good multi-platform support. It still needs some love!

I’ve tested it and am confident that the following path should work (if you’ve installed Rhino in the default location)!


Previously, Rhino was called “” by default, which didn’t pose an issue.