Simple free online OBJ viewer with materials

I have created an OBJ with .mtl file from drone.

I want my client to be able to view so I am looking for free online options to view textered model.

I tried this but could not seem to add texture

No idea if this meets the requirements :slight_smile:
PC and mobile version available
OBJ Wavefront — format for 3D assets exchange commonly supported by modeling systems and game engines (ASCII format). Supported data: triangulation and quads, plain list of named groups, common materials with texture maps.

thanks - was hoping for an online version to keep thigs simple

I believe - loooong ago I made the first few iterations of it. Back then textures at least worked (:

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try sketchfab

Textures should work in Have you tried drag&dropping the obj, mtl and texture files all together?

Thanks and no… I will try … cheers

i did try but still no joy - here are my files for testing if you have time… many thanks

For some reason your model is completely transparent. There is a Tr 1 line for every material in the scene_mesh_textured.mtl file. It means that it’s fully transparent. If I remove these lines, and drag&drop the whole folder in Online 3D Viewer, it works like charm.

can I ask how you are editing the .mtl file?

All files related to the OBJ format are just simple plain text files. It is enough to open it in a plain text editor and make the changes.

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ok thanks - bit tricky… sure there must be an easier way… think i will look at sketchfab

I wouldn’t call Notepad a good plain text editor. It is a plain text editor.

Notepad++ already is a huge step up, or Sublime. If you for whatever reason accidentally end up wanting to write code you could of course also use Visual Studio Code - a glorified text editor, but a good one at that.

thank you… NP++ downloaded - file edited and working now

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