Simple Beginner Simple FilletEdge Question

I’m struggling to do the most basic FilletEdge. Here’s the edge:

You can see I have only a single edge selected. Here’s what it looks like while running the FilletEdge command:

And here’s the result. Notice that the selected edge AND 2 linearly contiguous edges were also filleted. Why does it do this? How do I just fillet the edge I selected and not other edges which I have not selected?

If you can place the edge in two different objects, then the fillet will not extend across their boundary. At least this worked when I tested it on two side by side closed extrusions or closed polysurfaces. Later, if needed, you could use BooleanUnion to join the objects back together. But I am also a beginner so you may want to wait and see if someone else can suggest a less disruptive method.

Hi Michael - can you post a file with that object?


@pascal Here’s the object…

Cradle with Transceiver Base Volume not Removed Circuit Board.3dm (441.4 KB)

Hi Michael - I see… if it is allowed to make the objects into one, BooleanUnion the vertical box that is right there at the end of the edge, with the larger box, then FilletEdge that edge - does that get you what you want?


@pascal Yes, that works! Why does that work?

Hi Michael - basically it’s a bug… it does work as you expect in the V6/WIP builds.