FilletEdge worked at one end of same shape but not the other


I decided I wanted the other end of this simple block also with same filletEdge radius.

select edges inc corners and apply and I get ‘shoot offs’, yet the other end was able to accomodate the radii when the 4 edges and sides were selected.
FilletEdge works at first end.3dm (219.5 KB)



Hi Steve - I do not know what order you did things in but I’d do all the edges at once. You can use the Edit option to add edges to the original set.


Hi, I didnt need to do all at first but later on realised the other end could do with it, so wondered why it wouldnt do so., and still wonder why when its same as other end,except for long edge now being filleted.

so Edit option is the way to go then, I will try that out.