Silent Install or Auto Configure Network License Server

Is there a method for silently adding a individual license or configuring the network license server for Rhino on OS X?

I a large enterprise or distributed lab environment activating each system individually and by hand just isn’t a feasible option.


No, not yet. I don’t know what the issues are for push deployment.
Also, there will not be an OS X Zoo for a while, but Mac Rhino will be able to get a license from a Windows Zoo on the same network fairly soon.

Any progress on this? We’ve had a couple requests from our end-users to deploy Rhino to our labs but if we can’t silently license and activate it then we won’t be able to purchase it.

For reference, others are also attempting to silently deploy and license Rhino without much success.

No development work yet but here’s a link to a thread that describes how to do this with what’s already there:

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To deploy Rhino Mac, we’ve used Deploy Studio for monolithic lab imaging and played with Casper/Rhino. Both work when properly configured.

If neither are available to you, try ARD if available. I have not tried ARD/Rhino, though pushing the necessary zoo licensing files, as indicated in the linked post above, from a previously installed and licensed zoo client, should work, theoretically.